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    Jiangxi Keyuan Biopharm Co., Ltd.

    Aiming at the development of biochemical industry

    Developed a variety of biotechnologies for the synthesis of chiral compounds
    using biological enzymes as catalysts


    Keyuan Biopharm

    New method for preparing serine is patented

    Time: 2014-05-07

    Sinochem News

    A serine preparation method developed by the Chengdu Institute of Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has recently obtained the national invention patent authorization.

    Serine has many important physiological functions and effects, and is widely used in medicine, food, and cosmetics. The researchers of Chengdu Institute of Biology use cheap and easily available cysteine or cystine as raw materials to obtain N-protected cysteine esters through simple reactions, and then halogenate the N-protected cysteine esters to form N -Protected haloalanine ester, and finally serine is prepared by alkaline hydrolysis of N-protected haloalanine ester. The technology has the advantages of abundant and easily available raw materials, simple reaction operation, high yield, simple post-processing, low cost, and is suitable for industrial production.

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