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    Jiangxi Keyuan Biopharm Co., Ltd.

    Aiming at the development of biochemical industry

    Developed a variety of biotechnologies for the synthesis of chiral compounds
    using biological enzymes as catalysts


    Keyuan Biopharm

      Products Name CAS NO. More
       DL-mandelic acid 611-72-3 , 90-64-2 More
       D-mandelic acid 611-71-2 More
       L-mandelic acid 17199-29-0 More
       2-chloro mandelic acid 10421-85-9 More
       S-(+)-2-Chloromandelic acid 52950-19-3 More
       R-(-)-2-Chloromandelic acid 52950-18-2 More
       DL-2-fluoro mandelic acid - More
       D-2-fluoro mandelic acid 32222-48-3 More
       L-2-fluoro mandelic acid - More
       P-chloro mandelic acid 492-86-4 More
       D-4-chloro mandelic acid 32189-36-9 More
       L-4-chloro mandelic acid 76496-63-4 More
       P-fluoro mandelic acid 395-33-5 More
       3-chloromandelic acid 16273-37-3 More
       P-Bromo mandelic acid 6940-50-7 More

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